LAHORE The Pakistan Cricket Board is unlikely to achieve anything by writing to the ICC about the disparaging remarks by former ICC CEO Malcolm Speed against Pakistan cricket and its Chairman Ijaz Butt. The PCB wrote a letter to the ICC after Speed called Butt a 'buffoon in an article in an Australian newspaper and described the cricket boards of Pakistan and Bangladesh as politicised bodies. Indian news agency quoted sources from within the ICC that since Speed was no longer associated with the ICC, he did not come under its code of conduct. The letter sent by the PCB is going to serve no purpose because the ICC cant legally or technically take any action against Speed for his statement, one source said. Speeds remarks came after Pakistan and Bangladesh joined India, Sri Lanka and South Africa in rejecting the nomination of John Howard for the post of ICC vice-president. Butt has said he would not comment on Speeds remarks as the board had already sent a letter to the ICC asking it to take note of the statement by Speed. Wasim offers services to PCB Pakistan legend Wasim Akram has offered his services to the Pakistan team and has told the Pakistan Cricket Board that he is available any time the team or coach Waqar Younis require him. Though Akram is now more of a media person than a coach, but he is still willing to help Pakistan out of the doldrums. Akram is willing to do whatever he can in his capacity and when he is around. Pakistan are presently in the UK where they will first play a series against Australia and then against England under captain Shahid Afridi. Akram is based as a bowling consultant-coach for the IPL team the Kolkata Knight Riders. Speed is no longer with the ICC and does not even hold any position in cricket Australia. What he said was in his personal capacity and the ICC cant do anything about it, one source stated.