ISLAMABAD - The Implementation Committee of Public Accounts Committee (PAC), Friday, was informed that excavation work on Heritage of Moenjodaro was underway and construction of the road over there could damage it. National Highway Authority (NHA) informed that work on the construction of road from Larkana to Mohenjodoro has been stopped and new design of the road was being finalised aimed to protect historical heritage. The meeting of the Implementation Committee of PAC which was presided over by Yasmin Rehman, was also informed that under construction road from Gwadar to Torkham and Torkham to Khunjrab would be operational for international trade. It discussed visit of NHA Chairman to China without informing its office. Committee took notice for not assigning charge to any one in his absence. Meanwhile, Ministry official informed that NHA Chairman had wrote a letter stating that if any one had any issue he could contact Secretary Communication. The committee also discussed in length the issue of affectees of Attaabad lake. It was informed that NHA was contemplating to work over the destroyed part of Karakoram Highway (KHH) that submerged into lake. The paucity of funds for the repair work of this part also came under discussion.