KARACHI (Reuters) - The Pakistani rupee eased marginally on Friday to end the week at yet another record closing low, but dealers said improved dollar supplies were restricting any sharp slide in the rupees value. The rupee ended at a record 85.67/72 to the dollar, down from 85.65/70 on Thursday. There have been a lot of payments this week, which has obviously had an impact on the rupee, said a dealer at a local bank. There have been heavy payments for oil imports as well as some for debt retirement, which increased the dollar demand pretty sharply, he said. However, dealers said improved dollar supplies were likely to prevent a sharp fall in the rupees value. For the last two days we have seen exporters selling dollars in the market to benefit from the higher rates, which has restricted the rupees slide, said another dealer. For now, we expect the rupee to move in a narrow band around the current levels, he said.