Pakistan is faced with a multitude of problems with terrorism the most problematic of all. This problem is of central importance as peace of our society has been disrupted just about everything is effected by this. That is why the latest blasts in Data Darbar Lahore have enraged the whole nation. But a parliamentary committee meeting called subsequently to discuss possibility of an operation in North Waziristan has drawn opposition from a lot of members. I believe the media will have to be engaged now to play its due role in creating the climate of public opinion necessary for launching such an operation. First of all, the ground realities of North Waziristan should be presented to the public and based on these, we should then try to create a consensus among various political stakeholders. Unless and until that consensus is achieved, there can be no progress in this regard. Our political leadership, especially those on the opposition benches, needs to understand gravity of the situation and should support a strategy that has to be implemented to protect lives of millions living in this country. -ZULFIQAR HAIDER, Islamabad, July 8.