KARACHI - The State Bank of Pakistan has decided to allow an additional period of one month for the exporters having shortfall in required performance under Part-II for the monitoring year 2009-2010. According to a circular (SMEFD Circular No. 12) issued Friday, exporters may include entries showing realization of export proceeds during July 2010 in their EF-1 statement for the year 2009-2010. However, exporters having met the performance requirements of the Scheme shall submit EF-1 statement for the purpose of verification to FEOD during July-August, 2010 as usual. It may be mentioned here that the SBP has received representations from chambers/exporters associations that heavy loadshedding and shortage of raw material has adversely affected their production. As a result, some of the exporters could not ship export consignments in time leading to delay in export proceeds realization during FY 2009-10. The new instructions have been issued to facilitate exporters.