ISLAMABAD - The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has started an online survey on its website in order to have direct interaction with the stakeholders, TheNation has learnt. Talking to TheNation, Rabnawaz Media Coordinator of SECP said that the survey was aimed at eliciting feedback and suggestions from companies, consultants and other stakeholders. This feedback would be on the services, extended by the SECP at its eight regional offices, called the Company Registration Offices (CROs). Spokesman further said, the CROs played a vital role as the front offices of the SECP having direct interface with the public. These CROs were located in the provincial capitals and in the industrial hubs of the country. They mainly function as corporate registry and were the custodian of corporate records. The objective behind this effort to ensure the quick response to the business entities linked with the SECP, he added. Moreover, he said that the survey form comprised of 25 simple multiple-choice questions that took only a few minutes to complete it. It also includes specific questions on e-services, seeking inputs from the participants, with a view to making it more users friendly. The SECP headquarter would entertained all the complaints from the stakeholders. These complaints for solution would be directed to the respective regional offices for immediate solution. The link is incorporated under the heading of 'Survey on Services provided by the Company Registration Offices. This link will direct the users to the web address of http://scrapsorc/secsurvey/index.php. Being a business watchdog the SECP is committed to increase the profitability by providing effective services to its clients across the country, he maintained.