A suicide car bomb targeted NATO-led troops' convoy rocked Ismail Khil district of Khost province in east Afghanistan Saturday morning, an official said. An official with Ismail Khil local administration who declined to be named told Xinhua that a suicide bomber driving a car packed with explosive devices blew himself up near a NATO-led forces' military convoy at around 8 a.m. local time. The incident occurred on the Khost-Gardiz highway which connects Khost city with the neighboring Paktia province, he said. However, he failed to say if any casualties were inflicted on military personnel or non-combatants in the area, saying the area has been cordoned off by security forces. Meantime, a Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid in talks with media via telephone from unknown location claimed of responsibility, saying a local Taliban fighter carried out the attack inflicting casualties on foreign soldiers there. This is the second attack on NATO-led troops in a single day on Saturday. Previously a roadside bomb against the alliance in the northern Kunduz province injured two German soldiers. Taliban militants have vowed to speed up attacks against Afghan and NATO-led troops based in Afghanistan.