LAHORE - The attitude of senior officials besides number of internal and external problems have forced the City Traffic Wardens to seek suspension instead of discharge duties in scorching heat. For the last four years, they are waiting for their promotion but the top cops have not even confirmed them as regular officers since the creation of this department, well-established sources revealed. As per traffic police records, two SSPs including SSP (Operations) and SSP (Headq-uarter) are supervising the City Traffic Police comprising over 2,700 wardens under the leadership of the City Traffic Officer (CTO) DIG Tariq Masood Yaseen. The on-going resentment among the wardens may create any kind of unpleasant situation in near future for the department if the authorities concerned further decline to deliver to the grievances of the wardens. Insiders said dozens of wardens violate rules and intentionally give the incident into the notice of DIG Traffic in order to ask for immediate suspension. Interestingly, some of the wardens misbehave the victims and after that furnish them mobile numbers of SSP (Operations) and DIG Traffic besides forcing them to demand of their immediate suspension. A large number of wardens were also found in favour of 'Close Line punishment owing to the alleged double standards adopted by the department regarding their deployment under matriculate inspectors. When contacted some of the suspended wardens, requesting anonymity, said that they were disappointed regarding their future, as they were not being confirmed since the creation of this department. Matriculate inspectors use abusive language against us so suspension is the suitable remedy as we can get all the privileges during suspension period, they said. One of the 'privileged wardens also disclosed that almost Rs 2,300 extra were being deducted from their salaries as compared to the wardens of Multan City Traffic Police. This is clear cut violation of any departments rules but we are unable to complain owing to the fear of removal from service, he added. One of the wardens said, It is unbearable to face abusive language of inspectors on loud speakers when the masses are seeing us that we are discharging our duties honestly. Another warden discharging his duties at The Mall in front of the Governor House shared with this scribe that two Inspectors earlier deployed at The Mall were allegedly forcing the wardens to issue at least 10 Challans to the commuters on daily basis. It is worth mentioning that CTO Tariq Masood had transferred 12 traffic inspectors, according to a notification issued on Thursday, including Inspectors Abdul Khaliq and Mian Mushtaq Ahmad deployed at The Mall. The department, however, maintained these officials were transferred over the completion of their one-year tenure. Earlier, seventeen inspectors were directed to report to the Traffic Police Lines on Wednesday this week owing to lack of command and poor performance on the reports of vigilance teams constituted by the traffic police chief. CTO Tariq Masood told The Nation, educated, honest and vigilant traffic wardens would replace the dishonest inspectors besides providing them equal opportunity to serve on senior posts. Replying to a query, the DIG said an Internal Service Board would decide to promote wardens to the next rank after five years of service. He said, I will never bear negligent DSPs and Inspectors in this department. Meanwhile, the DIG also distributed cash awards among 28 wardens on Friday on showing good performance.