LAHORE - The stoppage of water to Punjab 11 districts through Chashma-Jehlum Canal Link likely to decrease crops yielding that could ruin farmers financially. Addressing a press conference here on Friday, FAP Vice President Hussain Jahanian Gardezi said that distribution of water in accordance with the 'accord of 1991 should be ensured and 102 million acre ft water share to Sindh is according to law, he added. He said that Punjab was producing 70 percent agriculture produce against 46 per cent water share and Sindh was producing only 20 percent against the 41 per cent water. He said that cotton crop in Punjab would be affected badly on account of water shortage. On the other hand the Punjab Water Council Coordinator Haamid Mallahi while talking to The Nation said that Mangla and Tarbela were the replacement components for Punjab according to the Indus Water Treaty, which would meet the needs of water of Punjab. He added that Balochistan voted in favour of Sindh because Sindh was blackmailing Balochistan. He suggested that water should be distributed amongst provinces in accordance with the Indus Water Treaty.