KARACHI - Renowned philanthropist and social activists Abdul Sattar Edhi has said that Army Chief Ashfaq Pervez Kayani should take over the country for a limited period and after clearing the situation in the country the rule should be handed to the elected people. He was addressing to a press conference at Karachi Press Club on law and order situation of the city here on Saturday. Someone should bring Army revolution and clean up the situation because people revolution will bring bloodshed, said Abdul Sattar Edhi. He added that he has started a relief centre in Qasba Colony in which everyone will be provided food; 100 bags of rice are going to the centre which will be distributed among the people. Bilquis Edhi is taking milk and juice for the children. I went to Orangi Town and talked to the people. They are in trouble and facing hunger. Our religious and political parties did not visit there and did not take peace message to them and I am feeling sorry for this, said Edhi, adding that everyday strikes have toppled down business which is effecting the families of those poor people who make their livelihood through daily wages. People of Karachi are made to fight with one another on language basis. Please dont break the country on division basis. Quaid-e-Azam did not create the country for this. I am not coming to politics. I am a Muslim and I love humans. Pashtuns are great people and Mohajir are their brother what third force made them to fight each other, said Edhi in his speech. He said that he has created the Edhi Foundation which will continue working for the whole life. He said that after the creation of Pakistan a few number of ruling class has taken the hold of the country and they are not taking any interest in the problems of the poor people. Opposition and government are the two sides of the same coin and there is no difference between them, according to governments own announcement 1.7 million capitalists are not paying a single penny of tax and they have been given free hand due to which the country is going toward economic and social destructions and the 95 percent people face their consequences.