ISLAMABAD - Commonsense finally prevails, as Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has taken the initiative to honour Pakistani special athletes for their outstanding performance in the recently-concluded Summer Olympics in Athens by winning 57 medals. This gesture of the PM will go a long way to not only encourage the special athletes but also force others to follow the same feat. The athletes will realise their efforts has not gone in vain, as the premier recognises their services for the country. Although the PM should have at least given Rs one million to each gold medallist, Rs 0.5 million to silver and Rs 0.3 million to bronze medallists along with the officials, yet this prize money is not bad at all. At least, this reward has proved the PM is fully aware of the job done by these wonder kids of the country. The PM must be given credit for this, as he took a timely step. Had he relied on others, very much time would have been wasted and the joy, which was clearly witnessed on the athletes' faces, might have vanished. Now, the PM has played his part and it is the turn of our main sports heroes to bring what is long due from them despite having all the facilities available to them, they have not only let themselves down but also the entire nation of not winning enough despite having potential and talent. The PM has also announced to make the winning kids goodwill ambassadors of the country and acknowledged their role in bringing happiness and joy on the faces of 180 million people at a time when people needed good news from the country sportsmen and a time when the country was deprived of international sports due to so-called terror threat. Pakistan has successfully held international events like South Asian Judo Championship, International Beach Kabaddi, tour of Afghanistan cricket team, Indian tennis coach Birbal Wadhera's visit to Pakistan. All these examples are more than enough to prove that Pakistan is totally safe for all sports events and its people give respect and love to all the visiting teams. PM should play an active role for the revival of international sports in the country and give special directives to the Foreign Office and contact all the friendly countries and seek their help in bringing back the international sports to the country. He should show the whole world that there is no threat to any athlete in Pakistan.