MULTAN - Former foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi suggested to the government on Saturday to refrain from confrontational path with the judiciary, fearing it could harm democracy and institutions. Talking to media at Multan International Airport, Qureshi said the government-judiciary tussle was likely to intensify because of the acts of the rulers. First they removed an honest officer from his office and then reinstate him on Supreme Courts order. But now hurdles are being created in his way to prevent him from performing his duties, he added. He asked the government as to what kind of message it wanted to give to the world and civil bureaucracy. To a query on his recent meeting with PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif, he said he had not committed any crime. The resolution tabled by PPP Punjab seeking cancellation of my party membership for violating party discipline is forwarded and accepted on instigation of someone, he added. He said Benazir Bhutto herself had inked Charter of Democracy with Nawaz Sharif and devised power sharing formula in Punjab. He aid PPP and PML-N workers jointly struggled for the restoration of judiciary. He maintained the party lacked consultation mechanism while a certain group of few people held key posts in the government. Ive revolted against these people, he maintained. Criticising party leadership, he said on one hand he was member of central executive committee while on the other, he was not invited to the CEC meeting. He said the existing system and government failed to deliver on all issues of national importance. Therefore, serious national circles are demanding change, he added. Answering another question, he asked the government not to befool the masses by touting the issue of local government polls. The prevailing situation in the country demands national, not the local bodies elections, he added. He said the world raised questions on the future of Pakistan because of volatile law and order situation, terrorism and poor economic conditions. It is need of the hour that political consensus was evolved to unite all political parties at one platform, he added. Referring to targeted killings in Karachi, he warned that the national economy would further crumble if the situation was not brought under control. He was of the opinion that Karachi was not just a city rather it was Pakistans lifeline because of its industrial importance. He said the provincial government was responsible for maintaining law and order in Karachi while federal interior ministry would have to play key role in crushing the saboteurs. Why all security and law enforcing agencies are silent on killing of innocent people? he posed a question. He said all those, who Benazir disliked, were part of incumbent government while poor workers were sidelined. He said acts of a few people brought bad name to the party. It was Benazir who nominated him as prime minister candidate in 2002, he added. I have options to join other parties. If I am expelled from the party, Ill chalk out future line of action, he declared. He said he worked with Benazir with utmost honesty and accepted foreign ministry on the desire of President Asif Ali Zardari.