Following is an unheard of episode in the irrigation department of Punjab wherein a month ago the bank of MBL canal 2KM upstream of Deda Chak police check post Kasoor breached due to negligence of S.D.O. concerned had a FIR registered against some 200 farmers down the line who are running from pillar to post to save their skin without any fault on their part as no farmer has the ability to attempt water theft from a large volume canal. In fact as the departmental staff is involved in tree cutting by theft and lack of maintenance of Kacha side road serving as a Bund which has been reduced from a normal width of 25 to 30 ft to 7 to 9 feet resulting into yet another breach downstream of Deda police check post threatening several villages downstream. The department has failed to take timely action to maintain the canal bank road resulting in major breaches of which the onus is being wrongly thrust upon the farmers downstream. This high handed attitude of irrigation department ought to be taken stern notice of by Chief Minister of Punjab who is known to be strict in such matters wherein public suffers at the hands of inept irrigation department officials. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, July 9.