JERUSALEM (AFP) - Israel is preparing to expel 120 mostly European activists jailed after having managed to arrive on flights to the country as part of a pro-Palestinian protest, an official said on Saturday. But immigration service spokeswoman Sabine Hadad said four activists from Germany and Holland were authorised to stay after giving a written commitment "not to provoke disorder" and "to avoid places of (Israeli-Palestinian) confrontation." The 120 others will be expelled "as soon as there are places on appropriate flights," she said, adding that because Saturday is the Jewish Sabbath, "there are not a lot of flights and this could take a bit of time." She said most of the activists were French, with the others being American, Belgian, Bulgarian, Dutch and Spanish. While awaiting expulsion, they are being held at two Israeli jails - one in Ramleh near Tel Aviv and the other at Beersheva in southern Israel's Negev desert. The activists held in Beersheva refused to sign a pledge, while those in Beersheva were to be given the same option and expelled if they chose to refuse to make such a commitment.