A retired craft teacher has built himself the ultimate touring combination - a six-wheeled car and a caravan converted from an aeroplane. Phil Collins heard that six-wheeled Citroens were once sold on the continent but couldnt get hold of one so bought an old 1989 Citroen estate and had it converted. Then he came across a 1964 Piper Comanche plane and decided to turn it into a one-man caravan. It all came out of a desire to do something with old aeroplanes at the end of their life, he explained. The Piper came up on eBay, and had already been stripped of much of its parts and interior, so Mr Collins snapped it up. He built a new chassis for it and finished the conversion with a mixture of caravan and aeroplane parts. The instrument panel opens up to reveal a stowage cupboard and the redesigned interior now houses a large single bed which tapers from one end to the other, a table and two chairs. When it comes to cooking, the nose section opens up to reveal a retractable aluminium sink and gas stove. The water tank, battery, gas bottles, spare wheel and jack are also in the nose, while pots and pans are in another cupboard. ON