MULTAN (APP) - Smedas Regional Business Coordinator for Multan Alina Durrani has urged small investors to opt for mini flourmills as it is a profitable business which can be operated throughout the year. She told newsmen on Saturday the mini flourmills business was less complicated than bigger mills and had the capacity to produce fine quality flour. Alina said that 5,640 square feet space was sufficient to set up mini flourmills and it requires initial cost of Rs8 million for purchase of land, building construction, machinery purchase and its installation. The plant has the capacity to produce 900 ton flour annually provided the mills operate for 300 days a year. A manager, a technician, two plant operators, three helpers, a sweeper and a driver are required to run the plant. She said that Smeda would provide consultancy to the investors and added that the plant could also be used to prepare flour from maize, peanuts, soybean, rice and other commodities on commercial basis. She claimed the risk of losses were negligible in the business.