DERA GHAZI KHAN - The motorists and residents have called for constructing a bypass for smooth traffic flow. The pressure of the traffic with in the city mounting day by day as there is no bypass for traffic moving to Balochistan apart from the gradual increase in the number of the private vehicles, which is leading to the much more inconvenience for the residents as well as for the transporters. The situation would continue deteriorating further as it is not included in the future plans of the National Highway Authority, ignoring the importance of this bypass as DGK is considered to be the gateway for the interior and central Balochistan for its approach to the rest of Punjab, Sindh and KP. Once the bypass for Indus highway linking Karachi with Peshawar as the short cut route was planned and designed some fifteen years earlier it was also the voice of the transporters as well as the public that the bypass for Balochistan should also be approved rather than the entry and the exit of the traffic that is heavy one mostly from the centre of the city but the authorities did not consider the issue and now the intensity of the problem has come to the worst level. As per the record about the movement and the flow of the traffic the number of the heavy vehicles coming from Balochistan and vice versa is much more as compared with the flow on Indus highway because this inter-provincial route is most frequently used for the supply of the fruits, vegetables, coals, minerals from Balochistan to the rest of the country while for the transportation of the grains, milk, utility goods, poultry, livestock, green as well as dry fodder , petroleum products and other items from Punjab to Balochistan. Keeping in view the revenue collection from the maximum number of the vehicles using this road, the NHA established the toll plaza adjacent to the city near DG Khan Canal over ten years ago which was ultimately shifted to few km prior to the location of Sakhi Sarwar town upon the public and the political pressure last year while the NHA is earning millions of rupees from it but the funds are not being used there. The traffic coming from Balochistan or going to Balochistan either from Multan, Rajanpur, KP has no option except to pass through the area located within the city and the officials of the traffic seems to be helpless in regulating the traffic, which are hardly asked to be there for the twelve hours. Although the NHA redesigned a project for the area two years ago but that design and the available width of the road failed to serve the purpose so this project also proved ineffective for the smooth and the uninterrupted flow of the traffic on the route that is historically known as Multan-Qilla Saifullah Road. When contacted, the NHA officials said that this office is concerned with the maintenance of the highways only while a senior official at Multan Office of the authority said the proposal for the bypass was turned down due to the financial crunch but the issue is under consideration subject to the availability of the funds. Punjab government has been accused of flouting devolution process as it is working against the spirit of plan. As much as 22 departments of local government in Punjab have been shift to provincial government in response of the devolution if 17 ministries from the federal government to the province.