LAHORE Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has declared that gone are the days of 'Yes Boss to America, and his government has resolved to never let anybody hurt national interests since only those things will be actualised which are for the betterment of Pakistan. The government is guarding supreme national interests in having diplomatic relations with other countries, including the US. Like past rulers, nobody should expect from us to say 'Yes Boss to America, and bow to any foreign pressure, since we will not go against Pakistans interests, he promised, while talking to the Lahore Press Club governing body members at his DHA residence here on Saturday. Federal Information Minister Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan was also present. Regarding the grand alliance as announced by PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif, he observed that people did not trust the alliance, and even if it was forged, his party would welcome it. Politics is the name of possibilities, and it is quite probable that General Pervez Musharraf could also become part of the alliance in the future, he predicted. About the possibility of resignations from the parliament by the Opposition parties, including the PML-N, prior to the general elections, he asserted that by-polls would be held for vacated seats. He believed that his government would also present the fifth fiscal outlay as well, and would then go to the masses for fresh mandate. To a question about the in-House change, Gilani said for over last three years, the N-League had wished for such a change, and offered that it should go for it now, and if it succeeded, he would go to the Opposition benches. He maintained that it made no difference to him whether he was in the government or in the opposition since he was for serving the masses. Gilani negated the impression that it was necessary to be a Prime Minister or part of the treasury to do good to the nation. I do not mind being on the opposition benches of the parliament since I have no lust for power. My basic premise is to work for peoples betterment, he averred. About the incessant Karachi carnage and ever-deteriorating law and situation in the coastal city, the Premier mentioned that an effective strategy had been chalked out for bettering the situation at the earliest possible. He added that his government had reintroduced the Commissionerate system which would ensure effective governance. PML-F Chief Pir Sahib Pagaro has also endorsed it, and we will take all the political parties on board while implementing the system, he said. Gilani gave credit to his government for resolving all controversial and long-standing issues, including the NFC Award, 18th Amendment, internal autonomy of Gilgit-Baltistan, Balochistan Package, as well as waging an effective war against terrorism, especially in Swat and other tribal areas. Though issues are being raised one after the other, the PPP government is settling all these problems in an amicable manner, he declared. About the local body elections, he expressed his opinion that by not holding these polls, it meant depriving people of their due rights. He offered his partys support to the Punjab government provided the latter held the LG polls. After the 18th Amendment, he said, I have asked all chief ministers to sit together for evolving a uniform policy on the local governments. Gilani reiterated the stance that the PPP was actualising Benazir Bhutto Shaheeds vision Democracy is the best revenge. From day one, the PPP government has not resorted to any sort of political victimisation, and has been adhering to the politics of reconciliation. So far our government has ensured 80 per cent implementation of the Charter of Democracy, he averred, adding that under the 17th Amendment, they had ensured the right of becoming PM for the third time to Nawaz Sharif. But it was the PML-N, which itself parted ways with the PPP at the federal and provincial (Punjab) government levels. However, the PPP will not let the Punjab government destabilise, as we want continuation of the parliamentary process, so that masses confidence in their representatives can be restored, and they have the belief that the parliamentarians have the ability to run the government in an effective manner, he maintained. Gilani was of the view that the PPP-Q alliance was not of an individual-to-individual, but a 'party-to-party one. However, in the Punjab government, there was a change of hearts, he opined, adding that the PPP neither indulged in horse-trading nor was instrumental for carving out of the Forward Bloc. To a question about differences with Nawaz Sharif, Gilani recited a verse, Kuch log ghair ho gaey, kuch hum badal gaey (Some became strangers; we changed a bit). While replying to a question about separation of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement from his government, Gilani hoped the MQM would rejoin the government. They had parted ways thrice earlier. We have not accepted resignation of the Governor Sindh, he mentioned, adding that no demand sans the national interest would be entertained. About creation of more provinces, he endorsed the idea provided people wanted so in order to end their sense of deprivation. He mentioned that the founders of 1973 Constitution had introduced the bicameral system under which Senate (Upper House) was formed with equal representation from all provinces, which meant to end the very sense of deprivation of the small federating units. Regarding the electricity crisis, the Premier mentioned that the government had added 2000 mega watts electricity into the national grid, which to him, was not an easy task. He added that other projects of same capacity were in the pipeline. The government inherited the power circular debt from the last regime and resolved it substantially, while the overall subsidy on electricity has been withdrawn just to improve the economic situation, said Gilani, adding that his government had convened an Energy Summit in 2010, and a number of measures were decided to save energy, which over-shadowed by many other events and issues. He also mentioned that his government was preparing to call such a conference again for an effective implementation on energy conservation. The PM added that as on today, Pakistan foreign reserves scaled up to $18 billion, and exports expanded to $25 billion. No more 'Yes Boss to America: PM