GUJRAT - The University of Gujrat has decided to adopt a policy of transparent induction of regular employees on merit basis through validly constituted selection boards/selection committees, by abandoning recruitment of temporary and contractual employment, spokesman Sheikh Abdul Rashid said here on Saturday. 100 vacancies have already been announced through the media and more are in the offing, he said and added that the UOG did not discriminate between employees of higher and lowers grades. This policy is equitable and just. UOG believes in efficient workers; weather of lower or higher grades and appropriately backs them up accordingly, he said. He said that in spite of severe financial strains, the UOG had not dismissed a single employee but derelict employees ought not to be re-inducted through contracts. All and sundry are welcomed to compete openly for the announced vacancies, he said. Those employees whose contract could not be renewed under the present policy have already applied for regular induction and have been interviewed, he added. The spokesman appealed to the civil society and the media to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the UOG in promoting justice fair play, equal opportunities for all, irrespective of colour, caste or creed and thus promote rationality, sanity, justice and equity. The elimination of contractual employment has affected both low grade and high grade employees and no discrimination in any way has been practiced, he said. But all the same UOG has been very specific in safeguarding the rights and privileges of the students and maintaining and up-keeping of quality education; which is the crux of the UOGs shift in its policies, he added, observing that these adjustments will definitely give a new boost to UOGs enterprising nature and help it on its onward march towards the horizons of becoming a world class university. He noted UOG was determined to leave no stone unturned in its pristine objective of serving the nation through providing innovative, quality education and research.