ISLAMABAD The PML-N has finally decided to launch a campaign to dislodge the Zardari-led political system and it is fully prepared to exploit all means in this regard. Keeping in view mainstream political parties realignments and widening gulf between them, it could easily be anticipated that the coming months in the national politics would see great turmoil and turbulence especially after the holy month of Ramazan. Sources in the PML-N said if Nawaz Sharif could sit with the MQM, one must keep in mind that he could go to any extent to dislodge the PPP govt. After being cheated at the hands of ruling coalition several times since the breach of Bhurban Declaration for restoration of judges, Nawaz Sharif is frustrated to the level of annoyance with President Zardari and now there is strong realisation in the ranks of N-Leaguers that giving more time to the incumbent political dispensation would be a grave mistake. In present circumstances, the possibility of an in-house change would be a far cry but in future if such a situation arises the N-League MPs would definitely support the move because N-Leaguers now wanted to get rid of Zardari-led govt, the sources quoted PML-N leaders as saying in a high-level party meeting. It was in this backdrop that PML-N in a high-level meeting decided to open its doors to the Q-League MPs provided they tender apology for being with the dictator in the past, they added. It was also decided in the meeting that except few PML-Q leaders the rest of them would be taken back in the party, the sources said, adding some important PPP leaders, who were not happy over the way President Zardari was running the party, would also be taken into the fold of PML-N. The sources said the PML-N was all set to launch a mass movement to dislodge the government soon after the holy month of Ramazan and the party leadership across the country had already been given direction in this connection. . Immediate announcement of party heads at district and tehsil level was also made with the direction that they should complete the partys local chapters before Ramazan for giving greater impetus to the expected movement after the holy month, the sources said. On the other hand, the PML-N leadership is also contacting nationalist parties in Sindh and Balochistan, besides taking the Jamaat-i-Islami into its fold to fortify the alliance against the government. Fresh contacts with Moulana Fazlur Rehman have also been established by Shahbaz Sharif and there is strong likelihood that the N-League would dole out the slot of Leader of Opposition in the Upper House to the JUI-F to take them onboard. Similarly, the estranged PPP leaders like Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Ms Naheed Khan and Senator Safdar Abbassi would also be approached to seek their support against the rulers who were not only discrediting the democratic order but also tearing apart the very ideology of the Pakistan Peoples Party.