Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani has said that Pakistan People Party (PPP) has always followed the policy of reconciliation but stability of the country could not be put at stake for the sake of party interests. Talking to journalists here in Lahore on Sunday, Prime Minister Gilani said that for the larger interests of the country, the PPP sought cooperation from political parties for joint efforts to take the country out of prevailing crises. He said that PPP kept on accepting all kinds of MQM's demands in the past but said that those going against the vital national interests could not be accepted. "PPP cannot accept anti-state demands of MQM," the Premier asserted. Gilani said that formation of Grand Alliance against the government is not visible in the near future, and hoped that the MQM would rejoin the coalition government. He said the PPP was not afraid of sitting on the opposition benches but this should be done through constitutional means. The Prime Minister said this is the first democratic government, san support of army dictatorship, which is going to complete its five-year tenure in the history of Pakistan, he added.