CHUNIAN - The Punjab government has been accused of flouting devolution process as it is working against the spirit of the plan. As much as 22 departments of the local government in Punjab have been shift to provincial government in response of the devolution if 17 ministries from the federal govt to the province. The situation is alarming and is against the spirit of devolution as the process was meant for decentralising the authorities to provinces and provinces to districts then.The Punjab govt has shifted Education, College Education, Agriculture, Revenue, Police, Fisheries, Finance, Works and others from district govt to the provincial govt. All these were in hand of district governments before but in a surprising move, the provincial government has taken these departments back from the district administration. According to Article 140 of the Constitution, the provincial government in bound to devolve the departmental authorities to districts to make districts more democratic, politically and financially stable. But the Punjab government is working against the spirit of devolution and is also working against the Article 148 of the Constitution. Malik Jamil Ahmad Kalas, general secretary Local Council Association of Punjab termed it a dictatorial step and called for devolving these departments so that the people can have there issues resolved at district level.