LAHORE Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that removal of corrupt government is essential for saving Pakistan while there is need for getting rid of dishonest leadership for the progress and prosperity of the country. He was addressing a reception hosted by Chairperson Conservative Party and British Minister Saeeda Warsi in honour of the Pakistani delegation in London on Saturday. British citizens, overseas Pakistanis and a number of members of the British parliament were present. The chief minister said he would not disappoint overseas Pakistanis. He said that Britain was a good friend of Pakistan and Pakistan needed harmonious relations with all countries on the basis of equality. He said he had declared an open war against the elements involved in corruption, nepotism and plunder in Pakistan. Meanwhile, during the chief ministers talk with the media, the British leaders of public opinion while recording their impressions about the visit of chief minister to Britain described it as a milestone in relations between Britain and Pakistan. Chairperson Conservative Party Saeeda Warsi said the performance of Punjab chief minister and his delegation had been outstanding during meetings with British authorities and the visit would prove to be fruitful not only for Punjab but Pakistan as well. Member House of Lord Lord Nazir Ahmad appreciated that the members of the delegation including ministers, assembly members and others had paid the expenses for the visit from their own pocket which was a good omen for Pakistan. He said in view of the economic problems being faced by Pakistan, there was a need for the federal government to follow the example set by Punjab government. Leader of Labour Party and former member British parliament Ch Sarwar said the confidence reposed by the British Department for International Development during the visit of the chief minister was a proof of the fact that a responsible, transparent and honest leadership was in power in Punjab. He said appreciation of the roadmap of Punjab government in education sector by DFID was an honour for Pakistan. President Pakistan Muslim League-N UK Zubair Gull said the visit of chief minister was unique in every respect. He said though various leaders visited Britain but the way the chief minister had taken keen interest in the meetings, conferences, seminars and visits to educational institutions from morning till night was a proof of his commitment to the people of his country. He said Shahbaz Sharif had won the hearts of overseas Pakistanis in the recent visit which would also be helpful in understanding Pakistans point of view on various issues in Britain.