The secession of South Sudan from the larger part of Sudan in the north and its becoming an independent, sovereign state as the midnight clock struck to herald July 9, cannot be seen in isolation. On the face of it, though, it should be a happy occasion for everyone of us as the worlds 193rd free country is born and in whose celebrations President Omar al-Beshir, once President of the entire Sudan but now of the North, also participated after according the new state due recognition. Yet underneath the years-long struggle of the southerners, mainly Christians, an age-old, sinister conspiracy by the Christian West has been at work, to break up the Muslim world into smaller states. That would help the already dominant Christian societies to strengthen their control of the statelets, which would thus emerge through organised public uprisings in the Muslim Middle East. The coming out of the masses of people onto the streets and demanding change of regimes could be attributed to the wave of consciousness that the commonly used modern technological gadgets have created among the public for securing the right of freedom of expression and having democratic governments. That would serve as the right stratagem to make the dream of creating instability in these Muslim lands a reality to pave the way for the Wests subtle or even open intervention. Several examples bearing out the above thesis could be cited. The discrimination that the Jewish population suffered in Europe and, particularly, the most brutal treatment ever they were given in Germany led to their forcible as well as voluntary exodus. They were installed in the heart of Palestine against the wishes of the local people whose land the new Jewish entity usurped and still continues to grab till today, killing them indiscriminately, denying them ordinary civic rights and blocking all channels of outside help to them. A permanent bone of contention has been created, and Israel turned into a monster equipped to the teeth with military hardware, including atomic weapons. What has happened to Iraq is US invasion on the false pretext of possessing WMD, permanent US bases, social, economic and political disarray, dissensions and divisions. Different solution of Afghanistan, which has borne 10 years of American and NATO armies ruthless onslaught, are being aired directed at creating civil war conditions when foreign occupation ends and a possible dissection of the country into four to five statelets ever at loggerheads with one another. Views are being increasingly expressed about the war on terror to be shifted to Pakistan, called a key ally in this war and a Non-NATO ally. Balochistan and FATA are being destabilised with the ultimate aim of separating them from the mainland. While South Sudan and East Timor both Christians become separate states through referendums from their Muslim countries of which they were part, no one hears the call of Kashmiris for seeking their promised and legitimate right of a UN-sponsored plebiscite. Even the US, human rights champion, turns a deaf to their cries of brutal suffering. Unless the Muslim nations wake up to the looming danger of this conspiracy and put teeth into the OIC and the Arab League and collectively fight for their rights, they have a dismal future ahead.