ISLAMABAD - Despite surplus sugar stock available in the country, the commodity prices are on the rise ahead of holy month of Ramazan, as it has already reached Rs 75 per kg and may go to Rs 80 per kg in next few weeks, it has been learnt reliably. The market sources told TheNation that sugar prices have surged to Rs 75 per kg and it may go to Rs 80 per kg in next days, as sugar mafia is once again active to exploit the consumers in Ramazan. Market sources feared that either huge quantity of sugar has been smuggled to Afghanistan or it has been hoarded, which is resulting in price-hike, the sources added. According to official figures of the Federal Bureau of Statistics, sugar prices have surged to Rs 75 in Islamabad, Rs 74 in Rawalpindi and overall it is in the range of Rs 72 to Rs 74 per kg in other cities of the country. The country had enough sugar reserves due to bomber sugarcane and there was no need to import the commodity this year. However, the ministry of industries termed the price-hike injustice with the people and said sufficient stocks of sugar were available in the country. The ministry requested the interior ministry and concerned provincial departments to control smuggling and hoarding in their jurisdictions. According to the ministry of industries figures, the sugar supply (4.7 million tons) is surpassing demand (4.3 million tons) in 2010-11 season. The break-up of 4.7 million revealed that domestic sugar production stood at 4168,723 tons, leftover stocks 19,575 tons, stocks with Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) 4,00,000 tons, sugar imported by private sector 1,38,000 tons and the total sugar stock stood at 47,26,298 tons. Presently the sugar stocks stand at 2.012m tons which are sufficient till December 25 on consumption pattern of 350,000 tons per month. The ministry has also rejected the reason for increasing sugar prices on the plea of Federal Excise Duty (FED). According to the ministry viewpoint, the factual position is that white sugar was allowed two concessions till March 2011 including assessed sugar price per kg fixed at Rs 28.88/kg and secondly sales tax levied was 8 per cent of this fixed assessable value. However, in March 2011, the assessable value was taken as the market value while the sales tax was still levied at 8 per cent, approximately half the tax levied on other items.