Every person has a desire/right to buildone house during his lifetime for himself and his family. The size of plot and the construction over it depends upon his savings or his financialstrength. However, in Pakistan the civil and military bureaucracy manage to get plots not for making a house but to amass wealth by selling the allotted plots at very high market prices which they purchased at a token or nominal price. There are a number of government or semi government Housing Schemes in the respective provincial and federal capitalslike CDA,LDA, FDA , KDA, DHAsetc plus certain special areasto making farm houses for the elite class of the country where onemakes an endeavorstobuy a plot. In order to tame thecivil bureaucracy, ministers, senior officials or certain opposition leaders, the plots are allotted by the respectivegovernments as a political bribe. However, in the armyonly the senior ranks have the privilege of getting additional plo-ts/lands.This practicegained momentum as the time passed after our independence and was at peak during Zia-ul-Haq regime who obliged every person who mattered to prolong his rule. The plots/agricultural landswere allotted to politicians, judges, senior bureaucrats, generalsand his own close relatives/cronies. This practice then continues till today. The case in point is the Judges Plot case being heard by a Division Bench ofLahore High court to question the allotment of plots in Lahore's Johar Town in 1993 to some 28 Judges by the then Nawaz Sharif government. Why single out this particular case and why not check the allotment of plots by the previous rulers to allthe special people since 1970? If the case against these judges of getting illegal allotment of plots is won by the petitioner and the plots are cancelled then all others who got the plots illegally allotted should also lose their plots or pay the market price if they have sold them out. Someone should investigate how many judges, MNAs, Senators, MPAs, Bureaucrats and Generals got plots in addition to their normal quota. The nation would bewonderstruck to knowthe statisticsof this loot and plunder by our higher hierarchy. It must be given in the print and electronic media. These people get a plot and then sell it and then again get a plot to sell it again or some richer class make houses in each big city like we have our top leaders having a house in Islamabad's posh areas on such gifted plots. There is hardly any leader who purchased the plot at market price. The time has come to carry out accountability of this heinous practice of dishing out plots and lands at nominal prices. Both the parties i.e who allotted and the allottee should be taken to task and plots confiscated or should be made to pay the market price and deposited in the government treasury. The loans/debt riddencountry would then have enough money to pay back the loans/debts. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, July 8.