Currently a tough time isbeing experiencedby all the Pakistanis. Multiple problems of severe nature have overtaken the entire society where it has become verydifficult forits residents to live a happy and peaceful life. Under the situation, it has become vital forall the Pakistanisto overcome allsuch seriousissues encompassing their surroundingin the comingfive years or so. If we are able toaccomplish following four tasks in the coming five years,I am sure we would be able to pass our coming atleast ten to fifteen years with grace and honour. a) First of all, we need to improve our economy because it is the base-line of all our political and social activities. In other words, all our activities are conditioned with the strength ofour economy. It is quite unfortunate that instead of standing on our own feet, we are running our economic affairswith the assistance of foreign aid where we are running from pillar to post to beg from USA, China, Britain, Japan, Germany, Europe, etc. for our economic survival. Our country is being run from the taxpayers of other countries. If we seriously have to improve our economic condition, then wemust widen our tax net in the coming five years by bringing all those tax-dodgers into the tax-net who have been befoolingdifferent governments for so many years. In this way, we would be able togenerate sufficient revenueat the country levelwhich would automatically give rebirth to our dieing economy.If we failed to do so in the coming five years, I fear that our economy will further suffer a lot for the international world, then would stop our aid andthen we would be left with no where. b) There is a need to introduce an strong and inflexible accountability system in our country. In that system, the violator of a signal i.ecommon manor the Prime Minister should be equally accountable before the court of law. No one should be above the law and all should be held accountable becauseof their wrongdoing. In this manner, we would be able to create in our country thespirit ofrule of law which would ensure a great sense ofstability and peace within the country. An strong accountable systemwould reduce themenace of corruption as well. If we failed to do so in the coming five years, then the prevalent corruption would make our remaining systemeven further hollow which would prove even further harmful for Pakistan. c) Both extremism and terrorism have been getting permanent footing in Pakistan. It is quite unfortunate that even the incidents of international terrorism are linked with Pakistan. These links are real threat to the world peace and the international community will not tolerate all this. Withinour country,there are people who are enemies not only of Pakistan butof USA, Britain, and Europe as well. These people are so brainwashed and motivated that they are ready to kill and die. These people are neither allowing themselves to live a peaceful life nor are offering the same rare luxury to others. Such people are a big challenge to us all. If we failed to eliminate them all from our soil in the comingfive years,our land would become a permanent abode of terrorist activities where allour big and small citieswould bebreeding places for such terrorists. d) Throughout the world, all the institutions of the state work under it, but in our country certain institutions have becomestronger thanour state. It would be better for us that in the coming five years or so, webring oursuch strong institutions under civilian control. If we are successful to do all the above mentioned four things in an effective manner in the coming five years, I am sure thefate of the country would change to a great extent. There would bepeace and stability in the country which would give a boost to the growth in the industrial sector which wouldautomatically help in reducing the menace of unemployment from our country. Exports of the country would grow gradually and both local and foreign private investments would take place. There would be rule of law within the State instead of law of the jungle. Underthat scenario,then we would be able to start ajourney from an underdeveloped country to a really developed country in the comity of nations. ABDUL SAMAD SAMO, Karachi, July5.