LAHORE - Already pressed hard by loadshedding and terrorism, the masses will bear the brunt of price hike as well in Ramazan.

Although Ramazan is the month of blessings and mercy, the poor spend the holy month in a fight against hike as profiteers blessed with this ‘noble cause’.

Following the tradition, the government announced ‘Ramazan package’ and made tall claims of ending the hoarders’ role in the hike.

The government exercised his price ‘control’ powers only in Ramazan Bazaars and left the rest of the markets at the mercy of looters.

Further, the vendors came down hard on the blessing-seeker customers by selling substandard food.

Price control is a ‘tough ask’ for the government, but the ill can be cured by launching a strict monitoring followed by exemplary punishments to the hoarders so that they can never think of such mischievous measures.

The Punjab government announced Rs four billion Ramazan package for over 90million people while the federal government earmarked Rs two billion for the whole country.

The government announced price reduction of about 1,500 items available at the utility stores and the Ramazan Bazaars.

The major chunks of Punjab relief package will go to proving flour at low rate. This commodity will be available at Rs 100 cut price at 350 Ramazan Bazaars throughout the province. The provincial government also decreased flour price in open market.

The government will set-up control rooms or committees in the market and shopping points so that people can reach such offices for redresssal of their complaints.