LAHORE- The All Pakistan Business Forum (APBF) has strongly condemned the bomb blasts in Anarkali Food Street in provincial capital, leaving several dead and scores of injured, urging the government to focus on law and order situation.

APBF, in a press release, condemned the deadly blasts and urged all the parliamentary parties to take unified stand to weed out the menace of terrorism. It termed the blast a cowardly act and an ugly attempt to de-stabilize country aimed at creating an impression of unsafe place in the eyes of international community.

It said the govt would have to revisit and redesign its anti-terrorism policy as the existing methodology had failed to curb the acts of terror in the country. It urged the govt to convene a roundtable of all the political parties and business community representatives to make a consensus policy to cope with law and order related incidents that had jolted the very basis of the country. The chairman Nbeel Hashmi said it was very strange that despite all our efforts, terrorists were attacking the place of their choice and killing innocent people.

He said that any further delay in taking a strong stand against terrorists would cause undue damage to the country therefore the President, PM and all the Chief Ministers should sit with the politicians and business leaders to evolve a methodology to get rid of this menace.

Flaying the recent attack on tourists in Swat, he said foreign investment was already at the lowest ebb while brutal murder of innocent foreign tourists will further aggravate the situation.