LAHORE - Former President Pervez Musharraf will face all the cases against him and will not leave the country under any deal. This was stated by his spokesperson Aasia Ishaq on Tuesday.

Talking to TheNation, she said Musharraf had returned to Pakistan to prove that all cases against him were baseless.

“This is the question of his prestige and the prestige of the institution (Army) he served for some four decades. He will not leave the country”, she said.

Answering a question, Aasia Ishaq said she was not aware if any team of US lawyers was being engaged to defend the former President. “Had there been any such plan, I would have been aware of it as I am his spokesperson”.

She refuted assertions that Musharraf would leave the country under some deal. “I categorically deny such speculations”.

According to her, the former President had been “indirectly” approached by some people with the offer that he should leave Pakistan.

But, Aasia Ishaq said, Musharraf said Pakistan was his country and he would not leave it at any cost.

Asked how Musharraf was spending time in the sub-jail, she said probably he was writing a book.

She said she had seen Musharraf, who is also head of APML, last Friday and had seen him in high spirits.

She further said,he believed that all cases against him would prove baseless if he was given a fair trial.

Once he was acquitted, he would take care of his party, said Aasia Ishaq, who is also Information Secretary of the APML.

The case of murder of Akbar Bugti, she said, was scheduled to be taken up on Wednesday (today).

In case he was allowed bail, the former President would be a “free man”.

According to Aasia, Musharraf’s mother, who is living in Dubai, had told her son that he should face all cases against him.