ISLAMABAD  - In the wake of leaked Abbottabad Commission report, the security experts have demanded of the government to adopt a holistic national approach to avoid such incidents in future.

Prominent security experts also termed presence of Osama bin Laden extensive complacency, inefficiency and negligence by local civil administration, police and the security authorities.

Osama was killed during US raid on May 2, 2011 in Abbottabad and his family confirmed his death. Experts also declared operation against OBL as a collective failure at policy-making level since no threat was identified from western border.

Well-known security experts, talking to Online, disclosed that Osama stayed in Fata (Bajaur and Waziristan), Peshawar, Swat, Haripur and Abbottabad.

Osama had minimised but dedicated support network that met his every need and his security included two Pakistani Pashtuns courier-cum-security guards who easily mixed with the people. Osama had also tried to minimise signature of his presence.

His couriers used public call centers in towns at a distance from Abbottabad.

"Bilal town was a civilian area where a large number of immigrants settled as a result of earthquake, floods and internally displaced people (IDPs) from Operation-hit areas," a prominent expert added saying, "Osama compound was bought and constructed through a series of illegal and irregular transactions based on fake documents and false identities".

It is worth-mentioning that Khairya, the youngest wife of Osama, along with other family members were arrested in Iran (Mashad). She stayed in Iran for eight years. A lot of suspicions prevail whether Iranian were in contact with Osama through her. There are also rumors that Khairya was released to Al-Qaeda in exchange of Iranian diplomat who was kidnapped by Qaeda.

Therefore, experts have asked the government to adopt a holistic national approach to avoid such incidents in future.