NOORPUR THAL - There is no check on the illegal business of LPG in the Thal as illegal Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) decanting has been going unchecked and a large number of gas shops are not following safety measures. Several LPG decanting outlets are operating in the town, in the absence of standard safety measures, putting the lives of citizens at risk. A number of such gas shops operate in congested areas. The LPG decanting from one cylinder to another using electric motors is prohibited but the practice is continued due to the absence of strict monitoring by the authorities concerned. The inhabitants of the Thal appealed the high-ups concerned to rein in the illegal sellers of the LPG. ENCROACHMENTS AGAIN ON THE RISE: The encroachment mafia is again grabbing roadsides and footpaths of different busy roads and the public paths outside major business centers and markets of the city, a survey conducted by The Nation revealed. The unlawfully installed, makeshift shops, pushcarts, donkey carts, stalls and other encroachments are not only causing massive nuisance for the commuters and pedestrians but are also an open challenge for the TMA. During the survey, mostly encroachments were witnessed at various central city’s busy roads, bazaars and markets including Rangpur-Noopur Road, Jharkil Jara roadsides and at Kashmir Chowk Road.