Karachi - Continuous interest from foreign fund managers resulted in across the board improvement in share prices on Tuesday.

At local equity market, the benchmark KSE 100-share index posted fresh gain of 355.50 points or 1.59 per cent to end the session at 22,721.22 points compared to 22365.72 points of the previous day.

Dealers said index heavy-weight MCB and NBP both closed at upper limit, while gas distributors rallied on the back of favorable decision by the court on their loss formula. PIAA, with volume of 19m shares, closed at its lower limit. KSE allshare-index added 205.73 points or 1.30 percent to close the day at 15991.17 points, KSE 30-share index went up by 357.25 points or 2.06 percent to end the day at 17663.93 points while KMI 30-share index grew by 362.79 points or 0.92 percent to stop the day at 39851.40 points.

The local equity market traded 351.214 million shares on Tuesday compared to 325.649 million shares of the last day and the value of traded shares climbed to Rs 14.333 billion from Rs 10.679 billion. The capitalization of local equity market maintained at Rs 5.499 trillion after opening at Rs 5.429 trillion.

Trading took place in 368 companies where gainers held a strong lead over the losers by 212 to 133 while the values of 23 stocks remained intact. Upward trend was led by Unilever Food and Wyeth Pak Limited, up by Rs 139 to Rs 4889 and Rs 67.69 to Rs 1878.94. Bata (Pak) and Colgate Palmolive were the biggest losers of the day, decreased by Rs 83 to Rs 1701 and Rs 34.49 TO Rs 1862.50. Active list was topped by Lafarge Pakistan with 21.670 million shares as it closed at Rs 9.87 after opening at Rs 9.79.

Fauji Cement was on the second position with 21.537 million shares, shed Re 0.06 to Rs 14.49. It was followed by KESC with 20.065 million shares, off by Re 0.29 to Rs 7.69, PTCLA with 19.694 million shares, down by Re 0.17 to Rs 26.13, and P.I.A.C.(A) with 19.302 million shares, decreased by Re 0.87 to Rs 10.84.