This is with reference to the incident at Lahore Airport on Tuesday June 02, when some common passengers had to be disciplined by PIA and CAA for making a certain VVIP uncomfortable by their behaviour. What I learnt was that after the plane had landed and parked, a VVIP luxury van rushed forward to take the 'honorable son' to the VVIP lounge, but some commoners, of no consequence, being just ‘citizens of Pakistan,’ had the audacity of trying to enter the same van, not caring at all that their presence could be toxic, beside annoying for the VVIP!They were lawfully pushed away, with mild admonishments, but they went on to raise a rumpus at the airport for which the Airport Security Force had to be called in to hush their rebellious shouting. The VVIP was visibly anguished by this uncouth behavior of the ill-groomed commoners and was also furious as they had not been manhandled enough to discourage anyone else from such behavior in the future. It is to be hoped that in future the FIA, the police and CAA will make sure that such audacities from 'reprehensible' characters, who cause unnecessary embarrassments every now and then, should be forestalled with force. NADRA must also keep a separate data for the privileged young of our elite because issuing common people to this ethereal class is really a sacrilege.BRIG. LIAQAT ALI TOOR (RETD), Lahore, July 4.