ISLAMABAD - Though the leaked report of Inquiry Commission on Abbottabad operation unveiled a lot of sensational facts, the head of commission Justice (Retd) Javed Iqbal on Tuesday surprisingly contesting the authenticity of the very report viewed that only some of the reported happenings incidentally match with the facts.

"Some of the happenings of Abbottabad operation, which were repeatedly flashed on media in different shapes, are just incidentally matching with the some of the facts," said Justice (Retd) Javed Iqbal in an exclusive interview with The Nation.

Javed Iqbal, who is also chief of inquiry commission on missing persons, dispelled the impression shared in the report that Osama bin Laden stayed in the country continuously for nine years. "Absolutely incorrect...I am under oath and cannot divulge more details on this matter," said the retired judge.

Asking the incumbent government to make the report public, he shared that no member had the veto power on any matter while preparing the draft. "Every member without any burden and with easy mind worked on the report and we also narrowed down some of the gaps in the draft," he maintained.

About the ground support to the US commandoes during the Abbottabad operation, Justice Javed remained much limited to share details but he disapproved any ground support to them.

To a question about fixation of responsibility in the leaked report, Justice Javed elaborated that commission discussed in length roles of institutions, individual and collective lapses in the report. "We thoroughly discussed the ISI, MI, FIA, etc, while preparing the report...How can one institution or individual can easily be held responsible as in some cases the heads of the some institutions changed more than five times," he said in an equable manner.

About recommendation prepared by the commission, he said that they even suggested legislation for important matters in the draft. "The government has been recommended in the report to make it public to help resolve many problems in future."