LAHORE - Parts of the country received rainfall of varying intensities on Tuesday, making weather pleasant by causing considerable decrease in the mercury level.

Experts have predicted the wet spell to continue with intervals during the next couple of days.  Rain-thundershower occurred at scattered places of Islamabad, upper Punjab, upper Khyber PK, Kashmir and Galgit Baltistan, providing respite to the people from the prevailing sultry weather.

According to the experts, seasonal low lies over Balochistan and adjoining areas. Monsoon currents are reaching into upper and eastern parts of the country. A westerly wave is also affecting upper parts of the country. Local meteorological department has forecast scattered rain-thundershower for upper/central Punjab (Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Lahore, Sargodha, Sahiwal, Faisalabad divisions), upper Khyber PK (Malakand, Hazara, Peshawar, Kohat divisions), Kashmir and Gilit Baltistan and at isolated places of lower Khyber PK and southern Punjab during the next couple of days.

On Tuesday, Mandibahaudin received 88 mm rain, Risalpur 65 mm, Rawalpindi 55 mm, Kotli 54 mm, Chakwal 45 mm, Gujranwala 44 mm, Mangla 30 mm, Parachinar 27 mm, Mianwali 25 mm, Joharabad 22 mm, Islamabad (Z/P) 18 mm, Rawalakot and Jhelum 16 mm each, Lower Dir 15 mm, Garhi Dupatta 14 mm, Kakul 12 mm, Saidu Sharif 09 mm, Lahore and Balakot 08 mm each, Drosh, Murree, Sialkot and Mirkhani 07 mm each, Sargodha and Kalam 05 mm each.