This is with reference to the news of Chinese general warning India against ‘new troubles’. Apparently the ever growing Indian army and its military power are posing a threat to all its neighbours. Once the military gets high tech gadgets (which they are inn a process to procure from US, UK and Israel), they would surely want to play with them. The continuous skirmishes with China and Pakistan, along their respective borders, just indicate how the Indians intends to use their swelling military arsenal. These ‘new troubles’ as the Chinese general puts it can be termed as ‘old troubles’ when viewed with its relation to Pakistan. Considering the continued violation by the Indian armed forces of the LoC ceasefire just goes to show the need to maintain its dominance through brute force, for which a bloated arsenal and war machinery comes in handy. Further the renewed relations that India enjoys with the US-Israel nexus, through which it has entered and remains to be one of the largest recipient of arms, allows it to become a regional menace. An underlying threat of a prospective war between Pakistan and India has always remained, that has now added greatly to by the Indian army’s troublesome role on Chinese borders too, as they serve as an irritating factor for all peace-loving countries. India and its armed forces ought to realise that a peaceful South Asia is the only means through which the peaceful existence of all countries is linked, and any move that spells trouble for one can very easily become trouble for all and that includes India as well!LUBNA HAMEED, Rawalpindi, July 5.