The government has recently added a number of taxes and will be removing many subsidies in the coming years. It is understandable that the government needs to raise taxes to cover the budget deficit, but it is very unreasonable to allow tax free facilities to government employees, while burdening the private citizens with additional taxes. I am sure all government employees deserve the perks, in millions that they get every year, even a clerk gets a free house, no electricity bill to pay, free transport and many other such perks, which are highly unreasonable for a developing country such as Pakistan that sometimes appears to be on the brink of financial collapse. The government needs to mends its ways before asking the poor common man to tighten his belt.Very few developed countries offer such luxuries to their workers, why do we? These benefits are offered to public workers in their salary package, and although the basic salaries are taxed, the benefits are all ‘Tax Free’. This culture of ‘free offers’ is the root cause of corruption in government organisations, and the correct measure would be to stop all these benefits to government workers, but if that is not possible, than the government can at least levy a tax on this ‘luxury’ benefits, which should be at least 33-50 percent of the cost of the benefit. The tax on benefits will help capture the entire earning of the government employees under the tax umbrella. It will also help highlight any corruption or misuse of government property. Plus the tax will help increase the value of the government property in the eyes of the employee, and will help reduce the culture of claiming ‘free’ benefits. It will also help introduce a ‘Behavior Change’ in the government employees, where culture of receiving favors and gifts will end and end corruption as well.SHAHRYAR KHAN BASEER, Peshawar, July 7.