RAWALPINDI  - Due to heavy rain and storm , an airplane of a private company parked in hanger bumped into the wall of Royal Airport Services (RAS) at Benazir Bhutto Islamabad International Airport (BBIIA) late Wednesday night.
Reportedly, the airplane got damaged severely, however, no human casualty or injury was reported.
Meanwhile, the rain coupled with thunderstorm caused delay in several flights, putting the passengers in a huge trouble.
According to sources, an aeroplane owned by Shaheen Airlines A-320 that was parked on Bay-5 suddenly moved from its place and bumped into the wall of RAS when heavy rain along with thunderstorm hit the city at 7:30pm. Soon after the incident, state of emergency was imposed at the airport.
According to an official, the airplane was parked in the parking bay, however, due to heavy winds it crashed into the wall . He claimed that the winds were recorded 120 kilometer per hour which pushed the plane to the wall .
He denied the media reports flashed on some private TV channels that the plane was badly damaged after hitting the wall . “The plane is in good condition as there was no damage,” he said.
Meanwhile, several domestic and international flights were diverted towards Lahore after rain disrupted the city. The official said that two international and two domestic flights were diverted to Lahore.