LAHORE  - An Anti-Terrorism court on Wednesday directed counsels of both parties to come up with final arguments on the point to decide upon the removal of anti-terrorism sections in the Farzana murder case. Farzana was battened to death just outside the Lahore High Court for contracting love marriage.
As the proceedings started, the counsel of main accused Muhammad Azeem and his sons appeared in the court and said that both Iqbal and Azeem were having old enmity over different family issues. He pointed out that the sections of Anti-Terrorism could not be put in such cases. He requested the judge to remove anti-terrorism section in the case.
However, the counsel of Iqbal, the former husband of Farzana , opposed his arguments and said that the brutal killing outside the LHC had caused serious panic in the society and damaged the country’s image all over the world. He pleaded that in such case, the section of anti-terrorism could not be removed, insisting that the respondents spread terror in the society. After hearing the both sides, the judge asked both parties to come up with final arguments on the point whether section of anti-terrorism could be removed or not in the said case. The hearing adjourned till July 10.