KARACHI- Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain has claimed that many areas of Karachi were being ‘ruled’ by Taliban and they have their courts and justice system in those areas.
In an interview with a local magazine, Altaf Hussain said that he had been claiming it for years that Taliban had taken control of one third of Karachi and had been ruling there with their own judicial system and courts issuing penalties on daily basis.

He maintained that people of Karachi were not amazed at the June 8, 2014 airport attack, as they knew that Taliban had gradually strengthened their hold on the city and were using slums as their hiding places, adding that most of extortion and kidnapping for ransom calls were being received from these areas.

MQM chief claimed that Taliban not only forcibly occupied many lands in the city but were controlling the exit and entry routes of the city.

Lamenting on the issue, Hussain said that IDPs from North Waziristan should be screened strictly besides stressing that government should reclaim its writ in areas occupied by Taliban in Karachi .