LAHORE - Many participants of PTI grand gathering for long march held at a local hotel on Wednesday broke the fast five minutes before the actual time when Imran Khan concluding his address said that now it is time for Iftar. 
Imran abruptly finishing his speech when five minutes were still left for Iftar time said, “and its Iftar time now.” Dr Yasmin Rashid, PTI Punjab General Secretary who was present on this occasion, when contacted stated: Imran Khan said that after concluding his address that you can have Iftar afterwards. She said, “Breaking the fast five minutes before its actual time also exposed this unfortunate reality that many of the participants were not observing the fast at all and just pretending.”
However, if one presumes that PTI Chairman’s announcement for Iftar was just a slip of tongue, it had unveiled the fact that many of the PTI leaders, workers and some media men covering the event were not fasting at all. It is merit mentioning here, some of the people including the newsmen on the event warned the fast-breakers pretending to be fast-observers not to take food as five minutes remained for the fast-break.