KARACHI - Despite uncountable death cases reported due to negligence of doctors from various public and private sector hospitals, another maltreated case of Gynecology has been reported from Liaquat National Hospital Karachi (LNH).

A gynecologist – Dr Shahzaz Akbar Husseni – reached the hospital ‘10 hours’ late to operate a patient of ‘C-Section case’ which became the reason behind the death of a pregnant woman. The woman was 9 months pregnant and a mother of three children who lost the battle of her life due to lethargy of her consulting doctor.

In her case the baby’s umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck which required a C-section as recommended by doctor – Dr Shahnaz Hussaini. Shaista was admitted to the LNH at 10:45 am when she felt extreme labor pain, but the doctors handled the case carelessly.

Her husband Omer ul Islam submitted all reports and diagnostics to the team of LNH and requested the staff to urgently call the gynecologist (Dr Shahnaz) as the case required immediate attention.

“I requested the hospital staff several times to call Dr Shahnaz or arrange alternate doctors as the patient was screaming with pain, but no one from the hospital paid attention to my appeal”, Omer said, while talking to The Nation. “When the on-ground hospital staff didn’t respond, I called and texted Dr Shahnaz, but she neither received my call nor replied to my texts. Dr Shahnaz reached the hospital when it was too late for my wife” he added.

More over, Omer also stated that the case was treated in an off-hand manner; his wife had got exhausted when she was shifted to Operation Theatre (OT). Doctor came hospital 10 hours late, mean while the case of my wife was sabotaged by the junior doctors and whole LNH administration specially shift In charge – Dr Farah” Omer exclaimed with sorrow.

“Later, when the pain became unbearable she requested for an epidural anesthesia, even that was given around 4:00 pm (after a delay of an hour). The husband repeatedly requested hospital staff to go for cesarean immediately, but they kept on saying that we know what we are doing and we know our job well”.

Victim’s family was not allowed to step in the labor room after 4:00 pm, while in almost every delivery case the husband is also present in the labor room while delivery, but not only the husband, but also the mother-in-law was not allowed to enter the labor room.

“At last, after 10 hours, when the consulting doctor reached the hospital, she had a bad attitude. She treated the woman in a hap-hazard and hasty way,” he said. The grieved family of the victim of LNH decided to pursue courts and concerned highups to put the culprits behind the bars.

“We appeal relevant authorities to terminate the license of Dr Shahnaz and rusticate Dr Farah, ensuring both should not be allowed continue their careers.”

Furthermore, stern action should also be taken on criminal grounds against the doctor and hospital since their negligence resulted in the loss of an innocent life and complete devastation of a family”, he said.