Pakistan’s survival, as a sovereign nation can only be guaranteed if we adopt legacy of Quaid-e-Azam, who wanted it to be a modern democratic welfare state. I am sure that Gen Raheel Sharif, coming from a family of men who sacrificed lives to defend Pakistan, would not be tempted by calls for intervention and will hopefully help restore Pakistan to conform to the Quaid’s vision. We must accept failure of successive governments to strengthen state regulatory institutions, so vital for keeping a system of checks and balances, on abuse of power.

If only elected civil governments had ensured that FIA, police and all state institutions were there to curb irregularities, moves by Khaki Establishment to tackle massive institutionalised corruption and pilferage would not have been welcomed by masses or required. No system in the world can deliver, in the absence of exemplary punishments for those who violate law, abuse power and indulge in corrupt practices. Tax evasion is so enormous, that state sovereignty and national interest are being compromised by submitting to dictates of donor agencies and countries.

All state institutions must serve people and provide security of life and property. No institution, including the army is above constitution. This greed based culture of allotment of state lands to paid servants of state or elected office holders must cease and state assets be confined exclusively for those who die in service of nation or are permanently handicapped and to most deprived sections of our society. Regulatory institutions must be seen to be independent from political or establishment influence and become proactive in prosecuting those who violate laws.


Lahore, July 7.