Islamabad/rawalpindi - The dangerous tradition of performing motorbike stunts and racing without wearing helmet were at peak during Eid days.

Youth were seen riding bikes rashly at busiest roads including Murree Road, Sixth Road, Bank Road, Mall Road, Peshawar Road, GT Road and Ayub Park Road. The young removed the silencers from their bikes to emit a roaring noise that caused nuisance for the citizens.

As a result the federal police launched a crackdown against bike racers. More than 600 bikes were impounded while a number of motorcyclists were challaned for violating traffic rules. Islamabad police said that traffic and operational police deployed more than 400 wardens and security personnel to manage traffic and maintain law and order during Eid days.

During the crackdown, some 660 bikes of one-wheelers were seized while 72 violators were sent to jail. At least three wheelers landed in hospitals who sustained severe injuries while performing dangerous stunts.