PESHAWAR - Blessed with huge marble resources, now the residents have detected reservoir of natural gas in Mattwani village of Buner, where authorities of power and energy department will conduct survey to check the quality and quantity of the gas.

Looking like huge reservoirs of natural gas, flames were seen coming out from the earth in Mattwani village 15 kilometres away from the District Headquarter Daggar.

The residents were digging a tube well for the purpose of water when intense smell of gas was felt in the site by the workers.

Later it was ignited and was observed by the locals when huge flames arouse out from well. The residents have expressed jubilation over the detection of gas in the area and hoped that authorities will work immediately to determine the quantity and quality of the gas.

When contacted Haji Habibur Rahman, Minister Provincial Minister for Religious Affair, he said that the flames looked like huge reservoir of gas and hoped that it will be sufficient for the district needs.

He said that officials of power and energy department have visited the area and have taken samples from the soil to test it in the laboratory however; they have not reached on final conclusion.

Due to Ramazan no work has been done in this connection and officials will revisit the site to further conduct survey.

Residents of the area said that they have closed the entire site to protect the gas from wastage and now it depends upon government that how they respond and demonstrate their efficiency.

The area needs natural gas and they are only dependent upon the forests where people cut valuable trees for kitchen purpose.

The Gookand union council which is situated in the north of Buner is covered with dense forest but due to lack of proper protection, the forest covered area is constantly reducing.

This trend of deforestation is not only causing huge losses to tourism sector but also causing huge losses to ecosystem and may cause natural disaster like flood and earthquake.