KARACHI - In line with its commitment to meet energy needs of the country, PSO kept its Sihala installation operational during the ongoing Eid holidays.

A statement on Saturday said that this development came at a crucial time when the outlets in the country’s northern areas were faced with enhanced fuel demand owing to influx of tourists over the holidays.

“By keeping the installation operational, we want to ensure that our customers have access to fuel wherever they are, especially when relaxing with their families in the tourist resorts. The Sihala installation plays an important role in maintaining a smooth supply of fuel to our outlets located in the northern areas’, said Sheikh Imranul Haque, Managing Director, PSO.

It was pointed out that in recent years, the number of tourists in the scenic Northern Areas of the country had increased dramatically, especially the popular hill station of Murree.

The huge number of visitors, pouring into Murree and adjoining areas during the Eid holidays, has put strain on the existing infrastructure and caused the demand for fuel to soar.

According to reports, thousands of vehicles are stuck in the hilly areas, with many running low on fuel. Keeping the Sihala installation operational will be effective in dealing with the current spike in fuel demand in the area.

To further ensure that there is no fuel shortage at any PSO outlet nationwide during the holidays, PSO MD is himself supervising the operations and the supply, logistics, retail and operations teams are working round the clock vigilantly.

As in the past, the country’s flagship OMC is striving to run its operations smoothly in all parts of the country and facilitating its customers, where ever they are.