LAHORE - The greatest humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi is no more with us. His life and voice that has been preserved in the five documentaries, which were made on him will be always a source of inspiration for the coming generations.

Hours before his funeral on Saturday documentaries and short films went viral on social media paying tribute to Edhi.

The Nation talked to some of documentary makers whose videos went viral on social media across the globe, which was a soft reminder humanitarian Edhi will continue to live in the hearts of all those who love humanity. They vowed to continue the legacy of the great man through the lens of camera to highlight socal evils against which Edhi fought his whole life.

New York based documentary maker Bassam Tariq, director of ‘These birds walk’ a 2013 documentary talking to The Nation on Saturday said that Edhi was quite difficult to handle in the beginning and was generally suspicious of westerners coming to make a story out of him. “In the start, Edhi Sahab refused to give us more than an hour. It took us about six to seven months of constant visits to finally secure some quality time with him,” he said.

He said that ‘These birds walk’ is an incredible film to help remember one of the greatest saints of our time but we have to also respect how he would want to be remembered. “We have to remember that Edhi wasn’t about Edhi. He was about humanity. His work doesn’t just continue with his foundation, but all the other amazing organizations that have sprouted in Pakistan after him,” Bassam Tariq said.

“Edhi knew there were organizations that were more efficient than his. He encouraged people that wanted to work for him to go and work on their own. He wanted us to be inspired by his work. He didn’t care much for our money,” he said. The documentary narrates story of a runaway boy who fled his home and finds the challenge of streets and orphanage.

‘Mein Houn Pakistan’ is a documentary by Black Box Sounds where Edhi words echoed that there was no race, creed and religion but humanity. Black Box Sounds when contacted the Executive Producer of the film Tauseeq Haider said ‘Mein Hou Pakistan highlights stories of those personalities who laid their lives for people.

Tauseeq said that Edhi Sahab was a lovely person and was full of humility.

He said Pakistan government should screen the documentary in schools and colleges as the young generation needs to know about the role model that Edhi Sahab was.

Filmmaker Naziha Mehmood’s documentary Chiragh (The Lamp) also pays tribute to the services of Abdul Sattar Edhi. Another documentary Seerat highlights the struggles of great people who laid their lives for others. It has been directed by Ali Kapadia in collaboration with Azad Film Productions.

A documentary titled ‘The Kingdom of Mister Edhi’, directed by Amélie Saillez in 2011 highlights the conditions of women in Pakistan and deals with the question of married couple in which Abdul Sattar Edhi and his wife Bilquis Edhi were interviewed was one of the most watched on Youtube.