HAFIZABAD-Hundreds of villagers protested against the indifferent attitude of Gepco authorities for not restoring the electricity, disrupted due to rain and windstorm, to over two dozens villages here for the past five days. The villages include: Phullo Chiragh Shah, Peelo, ThathaGahra, Mahnianwala, Husseki, Abdullahpura, NawanSheher, Walleke, ThathaJahad Hassanwala, Ghanjianwala and 20 other villages.

Due to recent windstorm and rains scores of electricity pylon providing electricity to the villages were fell down as a result of which the electricity supply to the villages was disrupted. The villagers led by Ex-General Secretary DBA Hafizabad FazalHussainTarar have protested against the authorities for not resuming the supply despite their repeated requests and protests.

He said that even Gepco higher officers were not attending their phone calls. He threatened that if the electricity supply was not restore within next 24 hours the affected villages would be constrained to stage sit-in demonstration in front of the Gepco office. Earlier, Hafizabad and most of the villages in the district were lashed by torrential rain on Saturday morning which made the weather pleasant but all the streets and roads have become muddy and filthy which exposed the ineptness, indifferent attitude and slackness of the TMA authorities.

All the roads inundated by rainwater and sewerage system absolutely failed, open drains overflowed and the sewage water even gushed into most of the houses located on Darbar Road, MohallahPirKaly Shah, GarhiAwan, Mohallah Hajipura, Bahawalpura, Mohallah Dhabwala and other localities creating multiple problems to the dwellers.

The condition in slum localities is pitiable. Most of the roads were impassable for the pedestrians and they have to wade through inches of stagnant water. The citizens have called upon the TMA Administrator, TMO and other officers to wake up from slumber and ensure smooth functioning of sewerage system and desilting of open drains on daily basis so as to relieve the citizens from mental agony during the upcoming rainy season.

The inhabitants of MohallahBubban Bukhari, Usman Ganj, Habib Ganj and other localities situated on the Darbar Road have called upon the TMA and district authorities to fulfil their promise to repair the road which has been deteriorated due to the negligence of the TMA authorities. They reminded the DCO of his promise to give new look to the city by improving sanitary conditions but his promise could not be materialised so far due to unknown reason.