Mian Imran Abbas

Lahore - Abdul Sattar Edhi brought laurels to Pakistan and graced the country with his humanitarian services in the global community. His life is a beacon of light for the people and he is a pride of Pakistan.

These views were expressed by the speakers in Waqt News programme Insight anchored by The Nation Editor Salim Bokhari here on Saturday. The prgramme was attended by PML-N MNA Javed Latif, PPP leader Mehreen Anwar Raja and analyst Dilwar Chaudhry.

The speakers paid rich tributes to Edhi and said he spent his whole life in the service of mankind. He preferred service of humanity over serving the religion. And he followed that principle throughout his life. He had no political affiliation but he set an example for all the political parties that how they could serve the people sincerely.

Talking in the programme, PPP leader Mehreen Anwar Raja said people like Edhi are born once in centuries. He gave shelter to hapless, poor and orphans without any greed. He collected donations for the poor even by begging on the streets. No one can go to those limits.

Analyst Dilawar Chaudhry said Edhi started his journey from a single room and never took rest even on holiday. He always served the ailing humanity. The whole world has acknowledged his services. PML-N lawmaker Javed Latif said people were saying the prime minister would not come back, they could see now that he had arrived back. God made him hale and hearty.  He said Sheeda Talli who was sitting in Rawalpindi’s Lal Haveli should quit politics now because he claimed the premier would not return to Pakistan. He said prime minister’s politics was meant for welfare of the people and development of the country.